The Sleep Series: Surround Your Senses for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Discover our expert tips on how to create the perfect sleep environment with our special guests, Lumie and Aeyla, as the clocks go forward for spring.
The Sleep Series: Surround Your Senses for the Perfect Night’s Sleep
The Sleep Series: Surround Your Senses for the Perfect Night’s Sleep
The Sleep Series: Surround Your Senses for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

As the clocks go forward for spring and we enter a new season, prioritising our sleep and re-tuning our sleep cycle is the best thing we can do for ourselves, to ensure we are getting the ample hours we need to recuperate.

One of the most powerful ways we can impact our wellbeing is to surround ourselves with therapies that elevate our senses. This World Sleep Day, we have joined forces with wellbeing brands Lumie and Aeyla, to share with you expert tips in creating the most calming, comforting and encompassing bedtime environment with each of their transformative sleep remedies, so that you can fall effortlessly asleep night after night.


Unwind Your Senses with Our Deep Relax Collection

It all started with a tranquil night's sleep.

The very first blend created by our founders, Deep Relax has remained our bedtime hero for over 35 years. Combining the “Oil of Tranquillity”, and our most unique ingredient, Vetivert, with soothing Camomile and comforting Sandalwood, our Deep Relax blend is infused in all of our Sleep heroes.

"In aromatherapy, Vetivert is arguably the most powerful essential oil used to aid in relaxation, it really does help. It sedates yet restores and really allows the user to relax, but then reconnect and reset. It can be useful for people who find difficulty falling or staying asleep, and is beneficial for helping with stress, anxiety and depression."

Luke Taylor, Master Blender


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Our Education Manager, Amy Bonfield, recommends our sleep-inducing essential oil blend to help unwind our senses in the evening. 

"By applying one capful of our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil directly to your torso, rather than into the bath, prolongs the benefits of the naturally sedating and relaxing essential oils found in the Deep Relax blend. The reason for this is the essential oils will absorb into the body via the hair follicle and can continue to have an effect for up to 8 hours, ensuring a fuller night’s sleep."

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Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

Comfort – whether that’s your mattress or bedding – plays a large part in getting a good night’s sleep, and Aeyla are the experts.

Available in a variety of weights, their anti-stress blankets are woven from 100% cotton and weighted with glass quartz pellets that mould to your specific shape.

The science behind the weight of the blanket?

Mela Comfort’s weighted blankets use Deep Touch Pressure, or DTP, for when pressure is applied equally across the body, known to have a deeply calming effect on the nervous system.

This kind of technique, applied through a heavy blanket, has been shown to increase the release of dopamine and serotonin (the ‘happy hormones’) by around 30%, and decrease the stress hormone cortisol by the same amount. This enables the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. DTP has been shown to have incredible benefits for all kinds of people and is a great solution for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night.

After using our Deep Relax products to prepare your mind and body for sleep, getting into bed under your own Aeyla Weighted Blanket will further induce a relaxed state, enveloping your senses in comfort and helping you fall asleep more easily.


Regulate Your Sleep-Wake Cycle with Light Therapy

The original inventors of the world’s first wake up light, the team at Lumie have been researching and developing light therapy products for the past 30 years. 

For Lumie, it is all about the importance of maintaining our natural circadian rhythms with natural light. Their pioneering lights treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues, boost mood and energy levels and improve sleep.

Their bestselling Bodyclock Shine 300 is an alarm clock that mimics the light and colour of a real sunrise, so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake and refreshed. Waking up like this helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has even been shown to lift productivity levels for the rest of the day.

How does the clock mimic natural light, exactly? Lumie uses LED technology to produce smooth transitions of light and colour for a lovely, realistic sunrise and sunset. As your room gets dark, the light-sensitive display switches off to help you switch off too. In the morning, the clock begins to omit light to mimic a sunrise, helping you rise as gently and naturally as possible.


The calming powers of our award-winning Deep Relax blend, together with the lulling Deep Touch Pressure of Mela Comfort’s weighted blanket and the gradually brightening Lumie alarm, make for an unparalleled bedtime ritual – each step providing a multi-sensory experience for our mind, body and spirit.

By incorporating all of these transformative sleep heroes into your own routine, you can assure your most restorative night’s rest.

Amy: Global Trade Marketing Executive

Skin Type: Normal – Dry


Skin prep is key for me to achieve that summer body glow all year around. I like to begin by sweeping away dead skin cells with the Revive Body Brush before bathing. I find this helps with firming and toning my skin, so I love to do this ahead of a special event and particularly pre-tan! I then take my De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil and apply a capful to my torso, shoulders and lower back before getting into my bath… I love the De-stress Mind blend as the sweet, yet herbal scent transports me to a state of calm before truly being able to unwind in the bath.


For me, bath time is the opportunity to take my ‘everything shower’ to the next level. I typically indulge in a bath for some down time ahead of a fun-filled weekend and to feel rejuvenated after a week of work. I apply the Revive Energising Exfoliator onto wet skin and massage this in for 2-4 minutes focusing on stubborn areas such as elbows, knees and shins.

Post Bathing Ritual

After soaking up the warm aromas of my bath I dry myself off with a towel and then get ready to apply the Revive
Body Oil
. My top tip is to ensure you apply body oil onto damp skin for ultimate hydration; I find this is crucial for locking in moisture and achieving a natural glow.

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Freya: Global Brand Marketing Executive

Skin type: Combination


I typically opt for a bath over a shower when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive, or if I have some extra get-ready time in the morning. I begin my bath time ritual by creating a spa atmosphere with the Atomiser Connect. For me, it is key to ensure my set-up is a sanctuary, this really helps me to start my day off right. My top tip is to infuse your Atomiser with the Essential Oil Blend you gravitate towards, this way you can tailor your routine to meet your specific needs in that moment. Currently I keep diffusing the Revive Pure Essential Oil Blend as I love that the citrusy aroma leaves me feeling uplifted. Whilst I run my bath, I massage the Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil into skin, which helps to improve circulation.


I like to begin my bath time by gently exfoliating my skin with the Rose Triple Exfoliator to even texture and remove dead skin cells. If you are looking for radiant skin, an exfoliant is a must have! My favourite thing about this exfoliant is that it does not leave my skin feeling stripped after use, which I have found with many I have tried in the past, but instead leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft with no irritation. I then apply the Rose Pink Clay Mask to my scalp and face to delicately remove oil build up and to rejuvenate both skin and hair.

Post Bathing Ritual

My post bath routine consists of locking in all moisture with a lightweight layer of the Revive Body Gel. As someone who is always on the go, this is a staple in my routine due to the fast absorbing, non-greasy texture of this product. In drier areas I love layering this with the Inner Strength Body Oil, due to its sweet yet spicy scent and skin nourishing properties.

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