What is BioActive?

What is BioActive?
What is BioActive?
What is BioActive?

Uncover the power of BioActive, our unique skincare complex


Inspired by the emerging scientific field of psychodermatology (the connection between Mind + Skin), we created BioActive to help address the negative impact that personal & environmental stressors have on the skin.

BioActive comprises of 3 powerhouse ingredients - essential oils, botanical actives and skin stress-relief technology, all working together to bring mind + skin back into balance to help reveal your most beautiful complexion ever.




Take a deep-dive into our 3 powerhouse ingredients

Essential Oils | Botanical Actives | Skin Stress-Relief Technology



1. Essential Oils

Every product in our skincare collection features a calming & uplifting blend of Blue Tansy, Sandalwood and Jasmine essential oils.

Our brand is directly linked to the founder of modern
aromatherapy so we know first-hand the positive impact essential oils can have on the mind, but did you know they are also great for the skin?

Essential oils are highly lipophilic substances that can penetrate through the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) to the dermis (beneath the epidermis). While water-based products will have an instant effect on the epidermis, an oil will penetrate beyond the superficial layer to the dermis and have a longer lasting effect.

Discover the Mind + Skin benefits of our essential oil


Mind Benefit: Calming

Skin Benefit: Repairing


Mind Benefit: Uplifting

Skin Benefit: Conditioning


Mind Benefit: Soothing

Skin Benefit: Softening

2. Botanical Actives

We use actives in every product in our skincare collection.

Actives help to target specific skincare concerns and deliver powerful results. For example, if your skincare concern is dry skin, you should look for products that contain hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin.

We use a combination of botanical and non-natural actives in our skincare collection to ensure we have created the most effective formulations with powerful results, but without compromising on quality, safety and efficacy.

Check out our skincare range navigation tool to discover which products & ingredients are best to use based on your skincare concerns.

3. Skin Stress-Relief Technology

The third element of our BioActive Complex is Skin Stress Relief Technology. This comes in the form of 2 individual ingredients, Pink Rock Rose and Pink Algae, two super charged ingredients that support the skin's natural resilience.

These ingredients grow and thrive in harsh weather conditions and when applied topically to skin they have the same effect on our skin.

Pink Rock Rose is nicknamed “Meditation in a Bottle” sustainably sourced from the
Israeli desert, this active fights anxiety and stress related skin health deterioration – it bio-mimics meditation, ultimately resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

Pink Algae bio-mimics on our skin its ability to adapt to solar stress, smoothing and improving skin elasticity.

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