Your Shower Reset Ritual

Poppy Jamie shares her ultimate shower time reset
Your Shower Reset Ritual
Your Shower Reset Ritual
Your Shower Reset Ritual

If you’re looking to take a moment away from everything, to pause & reset, you might consider a long soak in the bath with the therapeutic powers of one of our Bath & Shower Oils.


What if we told you that you can now experience the same therapeutic experience in the shower?

Introducing our latest collection of Shower Oils.

A luxurious oil-to-milk cleanser, that hydrates the skin and surrounds your senses in the therapeutic aromas of our pure essential oils.

Available in four of our iconic blends:

Revive to energise & awaken

De-Stress to calm & focus

Rose to enrich skin & uplift

Muscle to ease & recover tired muscles

To celebrate the launch of our Shower Oils, we have partnered with Poppy Jamie, host of the podcast Happy Not Perfect, who shares with us her perfect ‘Reset Ritual’ for the shower.

Whether you woke up on the wrong side of bed, feel a bit overwhelmed or want to start the day with the best intentions, let Poppy’s ritual help you pause and take a moment to reset so you can come back stronger.

Your morning or evening shower should be undisturbed time just for you, to breathe and focus on your wellbeing, whether you want to still your mind, replenish your energy, soothe muscles or uplift your mood.  Take time to pause and melt away any anxiety, stress, tension, leaving you to re-enter the world feeling calmer, stronger and more balanced.

This reset ritual will allow you to harness the wellbeing power of essential oils in the shower.  Use this ritual to calm the mind and set yourself up for the day ahead.

In the Shower...

Apply a small amount of your chosen Shower Oil over your body.

Let the water cascade over you and take a moment to breathe in the aroma of the essential oils…. close your eyes.

Allow your body to begin to relax.

Breathe in.... and out…..

Relaxing your shoulders down, unclenching your jaw.

Continue to breathe slowly in…. and out and with each breath, becoming heavier in your seat or feel yourself sinking into the floor.

For these next few moments, nothing matters apart from your breath, and you…

this is your time to let go of any stress, anxiety and reconnect, relax, energise and heal.

Place your hands on your belly, and on your inhale, imagine you are breathing in and out from this power centre…

Take a cleansing breath in.... and breathe out the tension in your body….

Slowly breathe in…… and out….

Continue to slowly breathe in and out from your power centre…

Many of us store our stress, trauma, anxiety in the stomach, often called our second brain, so these wonderful cleansing breaths are helping you to release any tension that’s been stored. Allow it to be released and feel your stomach relax further and further.

Inhale fresh cleansing air and exhale tension.

Now that we’ve cleansed our power centre, we are going to relax our entire body.


xx OFF | WAS
Calm & Focus
De-Stress Mind Shower Oil

/ 250ml

xx OFF | WAS
Ease & Recover
De-Stress Muscle Shower Oil

/ 250ml

xx OFF | WAS
Enrich & Uplift
Rose Shower Oil

/ 250ml

Begin at the Feet...

Feel relaxation travel up through your soul, as if you’ve stepped into a warm bubble.

That sensation of warmth and calm travels up through your legs.

Feel the relaxation rising, flowing up your lower legs, to your knees, continuing to your upper legs…

That relaxing calming tingle travels to your chest and upper back….

Let your upper arms relax…. your elbows…. lower arms…. and wrists…

Feel the relaxation spread to your hands, relaxing the palms of your hands, the back of your hands, each finger and thumb - your hands feel wonderfully warm, heavy, and relaxed.

Feel your body relaxing further as the area by your collar bones widens and relaxes….

Allow your shoulders to ease back slightly….

Feel your eyelids, heavy and relaxed….

Notice your eyebrows relaxing…. your ears relaxing…. and your forehead…..

Your entire body now is relaxed and calm.

Feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body, from your head to your feet.

Notice all of the muscles of your back relaxing completely…

Feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body.


Continue to Breathe...

Slowly in and out, and bring the attention back to you.

Feel the wellbeing flowing, through your body...

You have been fully reset and now it’s time to enjoy this rest.

 I invite you to open your eyes, more relaxed, grounded and ready to receive what this morning will give.

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