1. Introducing the Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

    Introducing the Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

    After 5 years in the making, we are delighted to introduce our Limited-Edition Eau de Parfum, in memory of Co-Founder Geraldine Howard. The invigorating blend was inspired by Geraldine’s vision of a piano concerto filling a garden, like those from Claude Monet paintings, with beautiful music. The packaging was inspired by a leafy garden with layered botanical illustrations, representing each essential oil featured in the fragrance.          The perfume is...
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  2. Aromatherapy In the Workplace

    Aromatherapy In the Workplace

    Minor illnesses such as coughs and colds were the most common reason for sickness absence in 2016, closely followed by musculoskeletal problems, including back and neck pain and then lastly stress, depression, anxiety. So before you grab that comforting box of chocolates, or those traditional artisan biscuits grab an Essential Oil and give the gift of wellbeing. In a world where self care is the new healthcare we invite you to indulge in some easy DIY Aromatherapy in the place where...
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  3. The Benefits Of A Massage

    The Benefits Of A Massage

    Everyone knows a massage can be relaxing but do you really know the main benefits and effects it can have on your body? Here are just a few of the most common benefits: Here are just a few of the most common benefits: Reduces Muscular aches and pains Improves Joint mobility and Flexibility Reduces and eliminates pain Improves blood circulation Improves lymphatic drainage  Research shows that massage can balance the Autonomic Nervous System which controls and coordinates all of...
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  4. Face Oils. What You Need to Know

    Face Oils. What You Need to Know

    Face Oils have been subject to much debate over the years. Do they make you break out? How do you apply them properly? Can you use them instead of moisturiser? We’ve put a selection of myths and truths together to help you understand more about what Face Oils do and why you need to adopt this liquid gold into your daily routine! MYTH #1 Face Oils are not suitable for oily or sensitive skins This is one that we hear time and time again. Face oil is actually extremely beneficial for oily...
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  5. A Note From Tracey

    A Note From Tracey

    The end of April marked Aromatherapy Associates winning 6 CEW Beauty Awards, otherwise known as the Beauty Oscars of the industry. We won; Best British BrandBest Classic Beauty ProductBest New Bath & Body Product – Revive Body LotionBest New Wellbeing Product – Inner Strength Soothing Face OilBest New Men’s Grooming Product – The Refinery ShampooClassic FM’s Beauty Hall of Fame – Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil We are extremely delighted and proud to...
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  6. Global Wellness Day

    Global Wellness Day

    What’s Global Wellness Day? It is the idea that a single day can change the rest of your life. All of us would like to be healthier, to look better and to live well both physically and mentally. The organisers of Global Wellness Day have put together a 7 Step Manifest for the 10th June. The aim of this is to incorporate at least just a few of them into your daily life on a regular basis: Walk for an hour Drink more water Don’t use plastic bottles Eat healthy food Do a good...
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  7. How Do You Deal With Stress?

    How Do You Deal With Stress?

    Trying to find a work/ life balance can be challenging at times. We all have different ways of trying to find a mindful moment to refocus and help us get through busy or stressful times. In honour of Aromatherapy Awareness Week, we asked the Aromatherapy Associates team to share some of their tips on how they tackle stress and like to unwind. Here is what they said:  Tracey - CEO  "I find body brushing early in the morning always helps brush away any morning blues. I wake up at...
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  8. The Pursuit Of Happiness

    The Pursuit Of Happiness

    What does it take to truly be happy? Most would say health, success or money.
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  9. Post Work Out Ritual

    Post Work Out Ritual

    With Summer on the way, more of us are trying out different sports and exercises. We have spoken to our Wellbeing Expert Nicola Addison, Personal Trainer and owner of Eqvvs Training in Knightsbridge for advice on post workout rituals. Nicola has an impressive portfolio of celebrity Clients such as Elle Macpherson, Daisy Lowe and Erin O’Conner. She tells us that going for a jog or letting off some steam in the gym, can make you feel fantastic. However, it can often leave your muscles...
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  10. CEW Winners

    CEW Winners

    We are delighted and extremely proud to be winners of 6 awards at the 2017 CEW Beauty Awards, voted for by the Beauty industry including Best British Brand. This is an unprecedented result in the industry and we are so honoured and grateful to everyone who voted for us. Celebrate with us by enjoying our exclusive offers and collections around all of our fantastic winners! Learn about CEW  CEW, which stands for Cosmetic Executive Women, was founded in 1954 as...
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