Create a new routine as the season shifts

As the season starts to shift we invite you to take a little step back and notice what your senses are seeking. Back to work and / or school anxiety is a real thing and we would like to help aid the transitional period for you by introducing you to The Atomiser in our home collection along with other rituals that could help you settle into this next seasonal cycle.

Wake up with the Atomiser - Recommended blend: Revive

Revive:  Energising & awakening, contains Grapefruit, Bergamot and Neroli- super uplifting. If you are not a morning person this would also be a great blend to diffuse in the morning to give an energy boost, providing a fresh fruity-floral aroma in your home.

Light a candle - our candles are 100% natural, made from vegan soy wax and are hand poured here in the UK. There is something about lighting a candle whether it be morning or in the evening that creates a sense of calm.

Available in Aromatherapy Associates most-loved blends De-Stress, Deep Relax, Revive and Rose Re-imagined

Take a bath or a shower with our Bath & Shower Oils.

Hot water relaxes your body and truly prepares us for a tranquil nights sleep. When your body is tense, the warm water will increase your body temperature and naturally relax your muscles. This is great for you bot physically and mentally.
Give the Atomiser pride of place next to your desk.

Recommended blend: Forest Therapy

One of our newer blends at AA - ground & restore, feeling overwhelmed. Bringing the benefits and aromas of outdoors into your home with this evergreen blend of Pink Pepper, calming Cypress, cleansing Ho Wood and uplifting Juniper Berry. Great with yoga or meditation. Diffuse this on a rainy day or when you do not have the time to get outdoors.

Rollerball your worries away before you go into a meeting with our De-Stress blend.

As the name suggests, a blend for if you are feeling stressed, need to find calm and focus, perfect for if you have a busy and overactive mind. This blend contains Chamomile, Petitgrain and an essential oil that has been used for centuries, Frankincense, known for its focusing properties so a good blend for if you are studying or working from home.
Frankincense also has a relaxing effect on the diaphragm to encourage deeper breathing, therefore lowering our stress levels. The De-Stress Mind blend works very well alongside mindful activities such as breathing exercises.

Can be used during the day to focus or in the evening to help switch of the mind from a busy day.

Or host an alfresco meeting / lunch break before it gets too cold to bring your colleagues some new found sensory pleasures in the great outdoors.

Recommended blend: Revive is perfect for those an afternoon energy lulls so your team with be thanking you. It's energising & awakening, contains Grapefruit, Bergamot and Neroli- super uplifting.
Wind down in the evening with our Deep Relax essential oil in The Atomiser creating the perfect bedtime routine. Our Deep Relax blend was created by our Founder to address her own insomnia containing Vetivert, Camomile, Sandalwood. You can even add in our sleep mist or check out our new AA X The Laundress Deep Relax Signature Detergent for your bed linens.

Divide your house and your day up using different scents, compartmentalising each room or each time period in your mind to help and assist your mentality and clarity through the day making you feel more at ease - this is also known as sense-scaping.