When Aromatherapy Associates was born 35 years ago, our founders had one mission: to bring the power of aromatherapy to as many people as possible. 

Three decades later, this mission remains true — supporting people across the globe, building them back up to their best selves, one therapeutic blend at a time.   

Why is Aromatherapy So Powerful?

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Aromatherapy has such a transforming effect because it taps into our limbic system.

This part of the brain deals with emotions, memories and stimulation, and can even influence hormonal responses. Essential oils are able to bypass the blood-brain barrier through the olfactory system. Once inhaled, essential oils can alter our brain chemistry, stimulating memories, moods, and feelings.

Our sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than other senses. Traveling faster to the brain than both sight and sound, it provokes a cascade of reactions, both physically and emotionally, before we even register the aroma in our conscious brain: from endorphins that uplift our mood to our central nervous system relaxing.

The real power of aromatherapy is the fact that it has a holistic effect on our wellbeing, setting our mind, body and spirit back in balance.

How Do You Choose the Right Blend?

Using aromatherapy in your daily routine is an incredible way to tune into your needs. Choosing an essential oil blend will depend on the purpose you are seeking: your body might be craving an invigorating energy boost one day, and a gentle unwind the next.

Our Global Head of Education and Wellbeing, Christina Salcedas, recommends using your senses and intuition to guide you in choosing the right blend for the moment.


We can pick a blend most suited to our wellbeing needs simply via our sense of smell.

You are naturally drawn to what you need as our sense of smell has a direct link to the deepest parts of the brain, where aromas can trigger emotional and even physical responses and allow vivid memory recall of people and places.

The activity of the nerve signals passing through this region cause mood change by altering brain chemistry, drawing us into a specific blend rather than another.

Memory is also linked with the limbic system, and we know that smells can trigger the most powerful emotional memories, both negative and positive, again drawing us in.

With this in mind, when you decide you will be taking a moment to reset:

  • Between them, decide which you are most drawn to, and put back the one you didn’t prefer
  • Take the 3rd bottle and do the same, going through the whole box until you find the oil you are most drawn to

Scents to Lift Your Mood

We create all of our blends from nature’s therapeutic palette, each oil playing a key and active role. We often go against the principles of traditional fragrance rules of top, middle and base notes, instead crafting a blend that really works on our entire body. From the lulling aromas of Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood in our Deep Relax blend, readying your mind and body for sleep, to the clarifying scents of Petitgrain and Frankincense in our De-Stress blend to clear your mind and focus your thoughts, remember to listen to your body and trust your innate instincts to take care of your wellbeing.

Our Gift to You

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