Balance Hormones

Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil 3ml Sample

Details & Benefits

One of the ‘hidden gems’ in our collection, the Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil was specially created for bringing balance and harmony.

In times of hormonal imbalance, feel your spirits elevate with uplifting Rose and balancing Geranium essential oils. And enjoy the focusing and grounding effects of Frankincense, to help sharpen the mind and provide clarity to your emotional wellbeing.

Before stepping into the tub, you can dial up the benefits of this blend by cupping a few drops in your hands and deeply inhaling three times. Massage into your skin and enjoy an unwinding bath soak or shower.

Emotional BENEFITS

This blend was specially created for bringing balance and harmony for your mind, body and skin.


Once rinsed, our Bath & Shower Oils leave a luxurious softness to your skin and aromas that linger throughout your day.

Scent description

Floral, sweet and resinous.

Key Ingredients

Damask Rose

Lifts the spirits





How to use
  1. 1

    Warm one capful in cupped hands

  2. 2
    Apply the oil to your torso, shoulders and lower back, before getting into your bath or shower
  3. 3
    Bring your hands to your face and inhale & exhale 3 times

Sensible Cautions

Keep out of reach of children. For adults only. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, seek advice before use. To avoid a slippery surface, clean bath after use.

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