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Fitness is a great way to unwind. Our wellbeing expert, Nicola Addison, recommends the following simple stretches that can have a transforming effect on your overall health and wellbeing wherever you are. Incorporate our De-Stress Muscle Gel to help relieve any muscle aches and pain.

“Complete 10 of each move in order, 3 times around. Move as quickly or as slowly as you like. Take your time and exaggerate every move.” – Nicola Addison

Back Taps
Raise one arm high, bend at the elbow and touch hand in-between the shoulder blades. Hold for 3 seconds at a time. Alternate and repeat.

Shoulder Circles
Hands touching the shoulders, complete big circles of the elbows, bringing your elbows as close to your ears as possible. Repeat clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Knee Hugs
Raise one knee at a time and hug it into your chest. Hold for 3 seconds. Alternate legs and repeat.

Toe Touches
Push a leg out to the front, reach forward and touch the toe. Stretch for 3 seconds. Alternate and repeat.