The act of self-care with aromatherapy does so much more than just uplifting your mood. 

When we begin to use the power of essential oils in our daily lives, these therapeutic rituals have a direct impact on our limbic system, the intuitive, emotional pathways of the brain, elevating our optimism and helping us manifest positive days: something we all need in these uncertain times.

We share our most uplifting moments of self-care using our Inner Strength blend, to help you feel stronger and take care of your wellness this winter.

The Ultimate Inner Strength Ritual

Our Inner Strength blend was created by our founder to help deal with life's out of the blue moments. Our "coping mechanism in a bottle" is a hand-blended fusion of anxiety-soothing Clary Sage, emotion-grounding Sandalwood and purest Geranium to balance scattered emotions, so you can emerge feeling comforted and reassured.

Light Our Inner Strength Candle

Just by simply lighting a candle, you can create an emotionally warming, uplifting and strengthening atmosphere in your home.

With 40 hours of burning time, our Inner Strength Candle is infused with essential oils of reassuring Frankincense and inspiring Cardamom, to help create a peaceful, aromatic ambience and gently refocus and calm the mind. 

The connection between aroma and channelling the power of your brain is incredibly strong. Inhaling the aromas of our candle will trigger your olfactory system, altering your overall wellbeing on both an emotional and physical level.

"Even just the soothing ritual of lighting the candle itself gives you that peace after a long day. Before you blow your candle out, make sure the top is fully liquidised, so that it burns evenly"

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Education Manager

Enjoy a Soak with our Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil

Also known as our ‘hug in a bottle’, the best way to receive all the benefits of our Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil is by applying it directly onto your body.  

"Our Bath & Shower Oil bottles have a cap at the top to help you measure and control how much of our essential oil blend you are using. Since our blends are made from 30% essential oil concentrate and very potent, all you need a single capful of oil for a wholly therapeutic experience”

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Education Manager

How exactly should you use it? Apply and massage this capful of oil onto your torso and abdomen before stepping into your bath or shower. By doing this, your skin will absorb these essential oils, with benefits that last for up to 8 hours.

“Before you rinse off in the shower or soak in the bath, really take time to breathe in the essential oils in your palms. Deeply inhaling our Inner Strength blend will work on a holistic level to instantly change the way you feel and transform your mind, body & spirit”

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Education Manager

Layer On Our Inner Strength Body Heroes

Extend the aromatherapy treatment even further with our Inner Strength Body Oil and Nourishing Treatment, two wellbeing heroes that not only work hard to soften the skin, but also work on an emotional level to uplift our spirit.

“In the winter I want to ensure my skin stays as nourished as possible, so I use the layer locking method. I apply our Inner Strength Body Oil first, letting it sink into my skin while I relax. I then apply our Inner Strength Nourishing Body Treatment, with its comforting, cocooning texture that envelops my whole body in moisture...

Just like the Bath & Shower Oil, once I have applied both products, I bring my palms to my face and inhale slowly and deeply, giving myself that moment to reap the aromatherapeutic benefits”

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Education Manager

Bring Calm Wherever You Go With Our Inner Strength Roller Ball

For when you need to pause, take a minute out of your day and rebalance - our Inner Strength Roller Ball is here.

Apply our formula onto your wrists, behind your ears and on your chest – and breathe in. Our fortifying blend will help you recalibrate and bring you back to how you want to feel, whatever time of the day.

“Our Inner Strength blend was made for the moments when you need that extra support, confidence and strength to get through your day. The Inner Strength Roller Ball is like my safety blanket – I don’t leave home without it”

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Education Manager

“This is my alternative to flowers or chocolate. If you want to send something meaningful to someone special, our Inner Strength Roller Ball the perfect gift. It really is a bit of inner strength you can carry with you everywhere”

Christina Salcedas, Aromatherapy Associates Global Head of Education

If you would like to know more on the blends or have other wellbeing concerns you would like to discuss, our virtual doors are open. Book in a virtual wellbeing consultation and one of our expertly trained therapists will be able to help you with whatever wellbeing advice you are seeking.